Bunded Diesel Tanks

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks for diesel storage and transport

When you need fuel storage that is going to last the test of time you need to invest in a self bunded diesel fuel tank. Otherwise known as ‘double-walled’ tanks, self bunded tanks are the safest and most reliable method for transporting and storing diesel fuel. Our self bunded fuel tanks comply with even the most stringent regulations without losing their ability to be flexible and easy to move.

A variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 450L through to 65,000L

Self bunded tanks are ideal for multiple generator applications as well as onsite fuel stations, no matter what you need we have the right fuel tank solution for you. All of our tanks come with security measures not only for the fuel but the equipment as well, so you can rest assured knowing your investment and fuel is safe.

Our main self bunded tank sizes include:

  • 450L tank
  • 950L tank
  • 1,500L tank
  • 2,000L tank
  • 3,000L tank
  • 4,500L tank
  • 6,000L tank
  • 10,000L tank
  • 30,000L tank
  • 65,000L tank

Reliable Self Bunded Tanks From The Company That Knows What You Need

Do you have specific requirements or space constraints that you need to meet? Our self bunded tanks are designed in Australia by the Fuel Tank Guys and can be customised to meet your requirements.

All of our self bunded tanks not only meet Australian Standards but also to meet the standards of the European Union and the United Kingdom. This has enabled us to service other countries with ease and have our tanks shipped to you and put to work quickly and easily.

While we market our self bunded tanks as diesel tanks they’re also more than capable of holding, petrol lubricants and waste oil as well. We’re also able to design Fire Rated diesel tanks to order if you require it.

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Even though our range is extensive, if you can’t find what you need don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can customise a tank just for your needs easily.