Pump Kits

Diesel fuel pump kits for sale with submersible pumps and more

 No matter if you need a small portable pump kit, or are needing a replacement piece for your large permanent pump kit Fuel Tank Hire has the pump kit equipment you need. Our wide range of pump kits and accessories are provided through a range of local and global manufacturers. At Fuel Tank Hire we also use a range of pump kits in our day to day so we know the importance of having kits that stand the test of time, being both reliable and productive. 

The range of pump kits and accessories we have available include:

  • Submersible pump kits
  • Oil change pump kits
  • Pump kit blades
  • Fuel transfer pump kits
  • Cabinet pump kits
  • Fire fighting pump kits

The types of pump kits you’ll find in our store cater to a range of industries, with the manufacturers being the best in the business for particular industry requirements. One example is our fire fighting pump kits are manufactured by Silvan Selecta, well-known experts at all things industrial and farming equipment. Their range of firefighting pumps, hoses and tanks are trusted across Australia as the first response for fires.

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