Diesel Nozzles

Diesel nozzles for sale from Silvan Selecta and more across Australia

If you’re working regularly with diesel tanks for the supply of fuel to your machines or trucks you know the importance of a high-quality diesel nozzle. There is nothing worse than having your nozzle break after a short time, for it to become faulty, or start leaking. This not only means you have to order a new nozzle, but you may also have to stop work until you can safely supply fuel again. At Fuel Tank Hire we know how integral a simple diesel nozzle is to an entire operation so only offer high-quality, reliable and long-lasting diesel nozzles.

Features of the Diesel Nozzles we have available mainly include:

  • Auto shut off
  • Litres per minute from 40L to 200L
  • Swivel capabilities
  • Trigger locks

Our diesel nozzles are supplied by internationally renowned brands such as Gespasa, Piusi and Silvan Selecta so you know you’re getting a quality product. The experts in all things diesel tanks, pumps and nozzles these three brands are renowned for the durability and reliability of their nozzles, particularly with the high flow nozzles. Whether you need to invest in one diesel nozzle or a multiple to match your growing fuel tank range, trust the team at Fuel Tank Hire to find you the nozzles you need.

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