Diesel Filters

Diesel filters, filter keys, filter houses, and more for sale

When you need a diesel filter you need one from a manufacturer that reliably provides effective filters. From our five- to twenty-five-micron filters, Fuel Tank Hire only invests in the best. All the brands you see on our site, including their filtering kits and keys are supplied by the best in the business. Our 15 micron filters in particular come at a range of price points and materials, so you can pick the best one for you.

Diesel filters available now:

  • 5 micron filters
  • 15 micron filters
  • 25 micron filters
  • Filtering kits
  • Filter keys
  • Diesel filter houses

Whether you’re looking for diesel filters for one tank or a fleet, Fuel Tank Hire has the tank gear you need from the manufacturers you trust. With brands like Gespasa on our site, we bring you the best equipment in Australia. We provide stainless filters, cartridges, transparent filters and housings. Our stock includes all filter series from FG-100 to FG-1000. Browse our selection today.

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