30,000L Self Bunded Diesel Tank Hire

Pick Fuel Tank Hire For Your Next 30,000L Self Bunded Tank Hire

Fuel Tank Hire delivers safe, reliable bulk fuel storage for any transport depot, mine or construction site in Australia. We have a range of 30,000L self bunded tanks available from stand-out brands. The 30,000L self bunded diesel tank has the state-of-the-art features and high-quality manufacturing needed to handle Australia’s harshest work environments.

A self bunded fuel tank consists of an inner and outer tank, with the outer tank’s capacity coming to 110% of the inner tank’s. This means that in the event of a leak from the inner tank, the outer tank will keep it from exiting onto the road or site you’re on. One major feature is the inclusion of overfill protection and an electronic overfill alarm to warn you of even the chance of a leak. With an inner tank of mild steel and an outer tank of heavy duty mild steel, the chances of leakage are even lower.

Many tanks can be stacked on top of each other - 3-high when empty and 2-high when full - making them ideal candidates for long-haul transportation of diesel and dangerous goods in trucks and trains. The inner tanks are also easily removable for effective cleaning and maintenance.

Hiring with Fuel Tank Hire ensures that you’re assisted through every step of the process. We ensure our clients (and tanks!) are well looked after from the initial payment right through to the end of the hire term, including delivery, onsite-maintenance, servicing and removal.

Whether you’re hiring your 30,000L self bunded diesel tank from Longreach or Rockingham, Fuel Tank Hire is here to help. We pride ourselves on shipping Australia-wide with short and long-term hire options available. Give us a call today to discover how much we can do for you.