60,000L Self Bunded Diesel Tank Hire

Choose Fuel Tank Hire’s 60,000L Self Bunded Tanks For Hire

Whether you’re in a transport depot, construction site or mine, Fuel Tank Hire has safe and reliable bulk diesel storage for you. We deliver 60,000L self bunded diesel tanks with state-of-the-art features and high-quality manufacturing. Our range of stand-out brands can handle the harshest working environments in Australia. 

Fuel Tank Hire’s 60,000L self bunded fuel tanks are designed to drastically decrease leakage compared to other tanks. With an outer layer able to contain 110% of the inner layer’s capacity, our self bunded fuel tanks ensure your diesel stays where it belongs. Included is an overfill protection valve and battery-operated overfill alarm so you know if there’s a chance your diesel will leak. 

Our self bunded fuel tanks have many flexible applications. They can store diesel, petrol, lubricants and waste oil, and can be used for static site storage, delivery and multiple generator applications. They’re manufactured to fit a 40ft shipping container footprint, complete with a rounded rectangular tank profile and an integrated ladder down to the tank module. The tanks are easily used in farm settings with full under-tank visibility.

Fuel Tank Hire helps you through every step of the hiring process. From initial payment to removal at the end of the hire term, we ensure our clients (and tanks!) are well looked after. This includes delivery, on-site maintenance and removal.

We take pride in our Australia-wide shipping and our cost-effective ‘transport included’ policy. Wherever you are and whether you need a short or long-term hire, we’ve got the fuel transport and storage solution for you. Give us a call today to learn more about our hiring process.