A Short Guide to Harnessing the Full Functionality of Silvan Products

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Silvan is an established manufacturer of a wide range of tanks and vessels that are used for various industrial applications. These include hyperbaric chambers, oil separators, air receivers, and surge vessels. Planning to have some in your facility? You can look forward to top-notch performance from industrial-grade materials, reinforced by superior structural design. To up the rewards from the products even further, remember these tips.

Follow technical specifications. Meeting application requirements with Silvan products necessitates the strict obedience of technical prescriptions. For instance, Silvan Red Poly tanks should be used for applications involving agricultural chemicals and water, while Silvan Grey Poly tanks should only be used for diesel applications. Similarly, after using Nylon Roller pumps for either water transfer or light sp

A Short Guide to Harnessing the Full Functionality of Silvan Products

ot spraying, the internal housing and rollers should be cleansed and stored in a gear or engine oil bath. When you heed basic set rules that govern specified use of products, there is less chance of risks, and more opportunities for seamless operations. In addition, it helps you preserve your warranty.

Read and understand the manufacturer’s manual. It is always good practice to read the manufacturer’s manual before using any product, but some facilities fail to thoroughly understand the contents of the manual and end up causing damage to their Silvan equipment and, by extension, their operations. Your manual provides guidance not only for the initial setup and use of the products, but also for their later maintenance. The replacement oil for a Comet Diaphragm pump, for example, should be limited to a Multigrade SAE 20W/50. A Selecta Dieselpak unit, in addition, should not be used for any other purpose aside from diesel transfer and storage.

Implement a good maintenance plan. Finally, make sure to incorporate a solid maintenance plan for your facility. Preventive maintenance, in particular, will do a lot to head off any potential problem before it crops up and escalates into something more damaging or costly.

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