Spilmax Emergency Spill Response Kit 50L - BIG SELLER

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Spill kits with spill kit accessories including PVC gloves and more

The Spill Kit SpilMax range of transport spill kits ensure you can react as rapidly as possible to a spill emergency situation at any location.

Perfect for customers who carry fuel in the back of their ute or van!

Our biggest seller item of Spill Kit accessories! BULK BUY DISCOUNT for 6 or more!

Every vehicle in your fleet should have one.

1 x Transport Kit Bag
2 x SpilMax Mini Booms (Dia 75mm x 1.2mL)
20 x SpilMax Pads 400gsm (480mm x 430mm)
10 x SpilMax Wipes 200gsm (500mm x 400mm)
1 x PVC Gloves
2 x Disposal Bags & Ties